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Kale Salad with Beets, Gorgonzola and Pine Nuts

Kale Salad with Beets, Gorgonzola and Pine Nuts

Finally, a recipe that doesn’t start by melting copious amounts of butter and chocolate, and it’s not even a real recipe, more like a salad that we make using kale and what we have on hand. I dislike winter tomatoes with passion, not only are they perfectly tasteless but they also lack that beautiful tomato smell, so, instead I use winter greens, white and red cabbage for salads.

To make this salad, I chop up the kale, steam it lightly and toss with extra-virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar, then, whatever we have in the fridge or what we feel like eating goes into the bowl, some kind of cheese, some dried fruit and a generous amount of toasted nuts make for a perfect winter salad.

Last weekend I was experimenting with a flourless beet cake for Passover which involved roasting bunches of beets and thankfully at the end of the day we had one to use in the salad, I added some gorgonzola cheese and toasted pine nuts and served it with grilled salmon and called it lunch.

  • 1 bunch kale
  • 1 beet, roasted, peeled and diced
  • 2-3 oz. Gorgonzola cheese, or any other blue cheese
  • ¼ cup pine nuts, toasted
  • 3-4 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Wash the kale thoroughly in cold water, remove the stems and cut into thin slices, steam the kale, in batches if necessary, for 2-3 minutes, toss in a large bowl with the olive oil and apple cider vinegar, season with a little salt (go easy with the salt if you are using a salty cheese) and black pepper, add the beet and the pine nuts reserving some to decorate before serving, toss well again and decorate with diced beet, cheese and the pine nuts. Serve as a salad or side dish.


11 comments to Kale Salad with Beets, Gorgonzola and Pine Nuts

  • It sounds very interesting and I think the combination might be exactly what I was looking for, thank you for posting it!
    As a tip, I’m not sure if you live in Ontario or not, or if you can find these tomatoes in supermarkets, but I recommend Campari tomatoes from Sunset, I think they do taste the best in these winter months!

  • Sevgili Megi, sağlık deposu bir salata olmuş, ellerine sağlık. Seninle konuşmuştuk ben burada kaleye hiç rastlamadım. Kale yerine farklı sebzelerle denenebilir sanırım. Fotoğrafı ise çok iştah açıcı duruyor.

  • I love this one Megi! I’m making it this week (will have to sub the bleu cheese though as I don’t have any on hand but I think I have everything else!)

  • Megi, this looks and sounds delicious! I love salads with the added crunch of nuts… we also season our salads with plain oil and vinegar:). I most always use cabbage, but am looking forward to using the kale…thank you for the inspiration.

  • Megi, kale sound so good for this winter months. I tried once massaged kale salad after Aarti party on Food Network, and it was good, unfortunately I added too much salt :) I learn from mistakes :) Have a wonderful day!

  • Danielle

    I have to admit, I have never eaten kale but I read everywhere how healthy it is. Is it bitter?

  • LindenTea

    Explora Cuisine, thank you for the comment, we are in Quebec, I’ll definitely try the campari tomatoes again, they are the ones that come in boxes, right? Would love a tomato that tastes like a tomato in winter. :)

    Asli, cok tesekkur ederim, daha sonra belki kendiniz kale yetistirirsiniz. :)

    Dawn, thank you, we always vary the cheese, goat’s cheese, walnuts and dried sour cherries make a fantastic combination as well.

    Thank you for the comment Ellie, plain oil and vinegar is my first choice for salads most of the time.

    Mihaela, I used to just massage the kale with salt, lemon/vinegar and oil as well but I came across this a little while ago and switched to steamed since it has increased health benefits when steamed.

    Danielle, no, it’s not bitter at all, it’s a cruciferous vegetable, please let me know if you ever try it. :)

  • Yes Megi, the Sunset Campari tomatoes come in boxes, we find them here at Metro and they taste pretty good, even though they’re kind of expensive, but make sure they’re ripe :) hope it helps!

  • LindenTea

    Thank you for the tip, I think I know which ones you are talking about, we used to get them when we lived in Vancouver, I believe it was the BC Hot House brand. We have a Metro nearby, I will check it out tomorrow. We get so spoiled with the you pick tomatoes at the farm that I just start not to even notice tomatoes come cold winter months. :)

  • Hello Megi! :) Nuts in salads is a mix which has always been very attractive to me, though I must confess I’ve never had it with kale yet. So your salad is not only beautiful but also a mouthwatering reason to try something different.

  • LindenTea

    Thank you for stopping by Sarah, kale salad has quickly become a favourite with us, hope you like it too. :)

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